SBC Proposed Tour 2018

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Our very own Nick Jansen is organising an SBC Tour for 2018 and would like to ascertain how many club members are interested in taking part.

Details of the tour are shown at the top of the page and if you would like to be a part of the team, will you kindly contact Nick as soon as possible, so that he can secure the venue.


The Ron West Trophy

Ron West Trophy 2017

It is proposed to run this Mixed Triples competition on the following dates:
Tuesday 29th August, Friday 1st September, Tuesday 5th September, Thursday 7th September, Monday 11th September and Thursday 14th September.
(The variation of days is to ensure schedules League and Friendly commitments are met).
Starting prompt at 6.15 pm.
Cost is £5.00 for all 6 games (The entry money is used for prizes)
  1. All members draw a number each night which decides teams and rinks of play.
  2. Teams mutually decide positions of play.
  3. Game is 15 ends.
  4. No trial ends.
  5. Dead ends – 2 shots away.
  6. All individual scores count.
  7. Prizes will be:  Winner £75,  Runner-up £50,   Third place £25.
A raffle will be held each evening.
There will be a Fish and Chip supper on the last evening. (To be paid for on the day).
If you are able to play, please enter your name and the available dates on the sheet which is in the corridor at the Club. If any member is unable to play all of the matches, they will be partnered up with A.N.Other as far as possible. The charge will be £1 per match played.
For further information, please contact either Bill Pearce or Derek Caddy.

Club Coaching Session

For the benefit of all Swindon Bowls Club members who have expressed an interest in doing a coaching session at the Club, Derek and I will be holding a coaching evening on Tuesday 22nd August, starting at 6.30 pm.

The whole session will take about three hours.

We will try to sort out individual problems with each bowler and do some other training exercises to help your game, plus a session on how to CORRECTLY mark a game of singles, protocol and etiquette, on and off the green.

All activities will be on the green and possibly a question and answer forum will be held in the clubhouse afterwards, over a drink, concerning issues that could crop-up during a game, regarding rules etc.

I will put a form on the noticeboard (where friendly sheets are situated), for the names of those who wish to take part.


Swindon Bowls Club hosts St Joseph’s School Students

Swindon Bowls Club have once again hosted an event with students from St Joseph’s School.

In the morning of Tuesday 18th July, we had 22 students and in the afternoon 28, plus 3 members of staff during each session.

Both the students and staff enjoyed themselves immensely.

Carl and I wish to thank Cathleen Goddard, Terry Baker and Den Blaxhall for their assistance, without which we would not have been able to manage.

Below, is an inclusion for the School’s Newsletter and some photos.

Thanks Derek

School’s Newsletter:

“Thanks to our friends at Swindon Bowls Club for hosting us during the Activities Week. Students received instruction on the fine art of lawn bowls. We all had a wonderful time learning a new sport and we look forward to working with them again in the future”.

Mrs Fraser.