Opening of the Green the first bowl of 2021

Today we opened the green after the green keeping team had completed the final cut and got it ready.
The honour to roll the first jack and woods went to our 2020 club champion Carl Fernandes.
His woods were on the jack so look out everyone Carl’s on form already!!
Unfortunately due to Covid regulations we couldn’t have the normal opening day ?
But, at least we can now bowl ??? 
See you on the Green!

Opening of the green 2021

The Committee met on Wednesday 14th April and it was agreed that the Green will open for roll ups from Monday 19th April.

From then on the Green will be available for Roll Ups every day from 12.00 noon.

Softy drinks will be available from the fridge by the gent’s toilet and an Honesty box will be put by there.
We will again be running an afternoon and evening league for club members and this
will start after 17th May.
Club Competitions will commence in June.

We trust by now that every member knows the government guidelines which the club must adhere to, so
unless members start mixing there will be no booking system at present.
Social distancing must be strictly adhered to, unless from the same family.
If you have a roll up with another person then only one person should touch the mat and the jack.
After your roll up we expect you to sanitise the mats and jack before returning them to the shed.
The clubhouse is closed at present and no drinks will be served, hence why soft drinks from fridge.
Also the changing rooms are not to be used, but you can go to the toilets, but please be aware that a
face mask must be worn when going inside to the toilets.
Please make sure you thoroughly was your hands and sanitise regularly as per government advice after
using the toilets and spray sanitise the taps and anything else you have touched.
Inside the gents changing room there will be a folder for anyone attending the club for a roll up to sign. This is for Track and Trace purposes.
There will also be QR posters for using the NHS Track and Trace App.

Lastly, before we can open the clubhouse we require Volunteers to help with a thorough clean of the
Please contact  Will Glass, before Friday 7th May if you are prepared to help with the preparation
of the clubhouse.
One final note, please make sure you do not overcrowd and observe social distancing at all times, as the Council have Officers checking on clubs to make sure Government guidelines are being adhered to.

Swindon Bowls Club Venue Hire

When the Coronavirus crisis has eventually passed, Swindon Bowls Club will be available to hire as a daytime venue for your Crafting, Fitness or Special Interest Hobby Groups.

Centrally Situated (SN1 2GL), we can offer Private Car Parking, a Large and Airy Room with Numerous Tables and Chairs,
Central Heating, a Kitchen and Toilets.

For More Information, please contact:
Andy Watson 07771 632889,   Derek Caddy 07745 773848,   Bryan Osborn 07508 695685.